Bazilio Cobb Associates provides audit and accounting services among its key offerings. We offer the standard audit, review, and compilation services expected of a CPA firm, which are enhanced by a range of specialized services that allow us to look beyond historical financial performance to plan for the present and future.


Bazilio Cobb Associates has a multicultural staff representing more than 20 nationalities and speaking nearly 30 languages. As such, our International Services Practice is a natural fit. We are experienced and comfortable conducting business in international locations, which often requires understanding and adapting to local business culture and customs.


Bazilio Cobb Associates offers a comprehensive scope of business improvement services specifically designed to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of client organizations. These services have been developed and performed over the years as a direct response to the diverse needs of our Federal, municipal, and private sector clients and represent the composite knowledge, skills, and experience of our management consulting staff. Our services are highly focused on providing earned value-added management support in the areas of organizational design and management, information technology infrastructure, regulatory compliance, asset management, cost containment, accountability, financial management, and technology enhancement.

Tax & Emerging Business

Bazilio Cobb Associates works with both new and existing entities to ensure that they not only comply with tax code, but are able to make the best business decisions by strategically applying the tax code. Constant changes in tax laws require that businesses and individuals have the information they need to achieve maximum results. As new businesses are formed and grow their operations, there are tax and financing implications to most decisions. BCA offers knowledgeable professionals who provide not only tax preparation but also tax counseling to enable clients to position themselves advantageously.

Asset Portfolio Analytics

Bazilio Cobb Associates is an industry leader in providing advisory and consulting services for loan and real estate portfolios and lending programs from private sector financial institutions and various federal, state, and local governmental agencies. Our ability to accurately and comprehensively gather and analyze critical information from multiple internal and external sources to support unique transactions and projects is what sets Bazilio Cobb Associates apart.